Zhejiang Export Online Fair 2021 (Russia station-Plastics industry)
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Zhejiang Export Online Fair 2021 (Russia station-Plastics industry)
Zhejiang Export Online Fair 2021 (Russia station for Plastics industry) is hosted by the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province; from 25th -29th Oct, 2021. The export online fair was undertaken by the Taizhou Xiandai Exhibition.
Nearly 130 enterprises from Zhejiang and Russia will be a part of this unique online exhibition through a video conference. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on economies and societies. In an attempt to minimize the impact of lack of Plastics industry equipment necessities and supplies, and to provide a solution for enterprises, when they are unable to take part in an on-ground exhibition and merchants are facing hassles in communication, the department of commerce of Zhejiang province has provided this unique online platform wherein an exhibition on Plastics industry in Russia is being hosted.
The online fair gives a legal, effective, reliable, and affordable way to trade; giving full play to the numbers of Zhejiang economic advantages. Use of big data, mobile internet, social community-integrated digital solutions, such as precision docking. Zhejiang Plastics industry product of procurement required in Russia, keeping clear of the international supply chain.
Russia pays attention to quality, given the characteristics of the Plastics industry market, Zhejiang Plastics industry products and necessities are suitable high quality and low price, so the export market in Russia has obvious advantages.
During the online fair, digital services such as cloud exhibitions, cloud promotion, and cloud negotiation for the exhibitors will also be provided by Zhejiang province. All aspects and multiple dimensions will be displayed in the exhibits so that the overseas buyers can have a more intuitive understanding of the exhibits and relevant information and promote the online transaction between the supply and demand sides.
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